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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on maaliskuu, 2019.

Coming next: Veikko Halmetoja curator of “The Picture Book” Nastola 2019

“It is rewarding to construct an exhibition which uses art to take over a disused public space. A municipal building of typical official architectural style will be converted next summer into a special art pathway, an exciting thicket, where the building itself and even its original purpose will become part of the aesthetic experience” “The former municipal building of Nastola will show works by about twenty Finnish artists. The age range is wide, as is the geographical representation, but the focus is on young artists. The exhibition will give a new generation of artists the opportunity to exploit space in a more innovative way than is possible in a conventional gallery, constructing and dismantling, destroying and preserving. The exterior space may offer the visitor arriving at the exhibition surprises even before experiencing the interior spaces. The exhibition will be a spacial experience, where the largest rooms will offer peaceful moments to concentrate on watching the vi

ARTag Gallery solo 3.1. - 27.1.2019, Helsinki, Finland.

    All photos Anne Ovaska