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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on marraskuu, 2017.

On Friday 1st December 7:30 pm will open SOFT WITHIN the next exhibition "Leftovers" in Prenzlauer Studio / kunst-kollektiv, Winstrasse 42, Berlin

Coming next: Leftovers 1. - 5.12.2017 Prenzlauer Studio / Kunst-Kollektiv

Opening night: 7:30 pm / 1st December 2017 Soft Within presents: "Leftovers", an upcoming art exhibition featuring international and Berlin-based artists whose work correspond to the dialogue between the notions of image, self –worth and inner growth. How can the dissemination of memories create illusions and perfect lies?  A conversation between illusion and reality and how expectations can define our identity.  “Leftovers” encourages the interaction between viewer and objec t, leading to an exchange of collected memories and personal experiences.

This week open exhibition Kunstverein K41 exhibition Kunst & Religion 16. - 19.11.2017 in Cologne, Germany.

Home for sale - serie coming soon

How could those strong, impossible, memories could be wiped completely out of one's mind? How pictures that you try to avoid always pop back in? How words, that you try to avoid saying, come back out? Why breaking away is so hard, but clinging to something is so hard? Why cleaning was so important, but playing not so much?

Coming next in Köln, Germany: Kunst & Religion 16. - 19.11.2017

Who I am? 1, Laura Kärki Größe: 32cm x 39cm x 10cm Materialien Textildruck, Stoffe, Spitzen, Perlen, Watte c/o Laura Kärki