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Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on huhtikuu, 2016.

I am part of Toolbox -gallery exhibition: Menagerie – Tiere im Zoo der Kunst, Berlin

Laura Kärki, MULGARA, 2016 I presender Mulgara -sculpture first time in Berlin, Toolbox Menagerie -exhibition year 2016. I have done various animal sculptures since 2012. I have used polyurethane, textile prints, acrylic colors and other things as materials. I have stretched animals' proportions, they are my own interpretations of how different circumstances - air pollution, food, dirty water etc. - can affect animals. In Toolbox's show Menagerie - Animals in the Art Zoo, I will present Mulgara, a small marsupial animal, who lives in Australia. It is one of my latest works in year 2016 - basically a small good -humored sculpture with big eyes, but the truth is that it has a high risk becoming extinct in the near future. Look more: Mulgara -sculpture : Laura Kärki, 2016, Helsinki; Photo: Laura Kärki                                 Mulgara , Sculpture wall: Laura Kärki, 2015 Helsinki; Photo:

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Grosses Treffen Berlin, Germany 16.4.2016 Menagerie – Animals in the Art Zoo Group exhibition 29.4.–21.5.2016, Galerie Toolbox, Wedding, Germany Out and About Group exhibition, Varkaus Art Museum, Finland 27.1.-14.5.2017 Alltogether Group exhibition, Arteground Art Festival Baltic 2010-2016, Viljandi, Estonia 8.6.-1.7.2016