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Laura Kärki`s solo show "Wie geht`s?" still ongoing at Showroom Berliini until Oct 2nd, 2014.

Laura Kärki (b. 1978) continues to investigate the realm of psychologically hidden factors in life and brings to Showroom a set of installations, photographs and ne, before unseen, mixed media morks. The revealing installations, photographs and texile art analyze feelings, sensations and the ungraspable imaginary world and invites the viewer to take a closer look at their own lives. What are the facts we are exactly made from? What are the facts we are exactly made of? How does the social sphere influence our daily lives and form our conception of who we are, as entities and identities among others? Is there really one truth to the chaos and complexity of the everyday? Kärki’s work relates to a genre of feminist artists taking a stand to the secret universe of the home, hidden, mysterious sides of femininity and hits them with a hammer. Full frontal strike. But there are also traits to be seen in her work from genres in art history such as Dadaism, Conceptualism and Naivism, bearing visual resemblance to the installation art of Mike Kelley, Christian Boltanski to e.g. the aquarells of Marlene Dumas and another Finnish female artist Elina Merenmies.
Kärki’s work inhabites the space in a thought-provoking manner as she brings different characters, situations, impressions and intangible contents of the psyche to daylight via art. Art gives us means of gripping the everyday, making the messy reality into something clear, undisguised and plain. The simplification is both intriguing in its complexity and blunt, showing us the meaningfulness of the attention to detail.
Showroom Berliini is a new contemporary art space and an artist collective situated in Checkpoint Charlie, in the heart of Berlin. Its mission is to promote and exhibit Finnish and international contemporary art by artist management, organizing solo and group shows, dj /movie nights and talks on contemporary up-to-date topics. SB hosts and curates various events. Started as a co-funded gallery in 2014, it hosts many prominent group and solo exhibitions by young and upcoming artists. Showroom Berliini is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Ikahu Ltd.
gsm. +358 (0)41 458 6187
address: Checkpoint Charlie
Charlottenstrasse 95, Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany

Photos: Jarno Kotiranta
Photos: Mika Salminen


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Kuutti ja Harjus -video, see it now!

Have you seen this video allready? Art Promotion Centre in Finland supported my work in 2020, endangered animal sculptures Kuutti and Harjus in 3D printed porcelain with textile parts. #taiketukee Oletko jo katsellut tämän videon? Taike tuli työskentelyäni vuonna 2020! Look video:

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'Was der Himmel erlaubt' -exhibition are running at Gedok -gallery, Berlin 24.05. - 02.07.2017

I am proud to participate in Dr. Carola Mayers curated exhibition:  Was der Himmel erlaubt in Gedok -gallery, Berlin At the opeing night in Gedok -gallery, Berlin Photo: Mika Salminen At the opeing night in Gedok -gallery, Berlin Photo: Mika Salminen At the opeing night in Gedok -gallery, Berlin Photo: Mika Salminen Die teilnehmenden Künstlerinnen der Ausstellung "Was der Himmel erlaubt" mit Kuratorin Dr. Carola Muysers bei der Vernissage am 23.05.2017 in der GEDOK Galerie Berlin. Von links nach rechts: Pia Fischer,  Heike Franziska Bartsch , Frauke Beek, Barbara Noculak , Karin Fröhlich, Burghild Eichheim, Justyna Jaszczuk, Dr.  Carola Muysers , Laura Kärki, Ila Wingen, Christine Sophie Bloess, Verena Kyselka,  Antya Umstaetter , im Hintergrund ein Gemälde von Gisela Breitling. Foto:  Iris Weirich Vernissage der Ausstellung "Was der Himmel erlaubt",  GEDOK Galerie Berlin, 23.05.2017;  vorne rechts auß