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How could those strong, impossible, memories could be wiped completely out of one's mind? How pictures that you try to avoid always pop back in? How words, that you try to avoid saying, come back out? Why breaking away is so hard, but clinging to something is so hard? Why cleaning was so important, but playing not so much?

Coming next in Köln, Germany: Kunst & Religion 16. - 19.11.2017

Who I am? 1, Laura Kärki Größe: 32cm x 39cm x 10cm Materialien Textildruck, Stoffe, Spitzen, Perlen, Watte
c/o Laura Kärki

At the moment, I am making new sculptures. From the series: Evening beers, 2017 Plaster, sand

My new works in 2017- 2018 deal with human mind through addictions and what some addiction really reveals. Everybody has secrets that they don't want to tell anyone, but in the end is there some big mental tragedy or wound behind the addiction that one is involuntarily or unconsciously covering? Would it still be easier if one could be brave enough to talk about it? In my new works, I bring out repetition and series, and this method has been one of the fundamental forces in my works long time already. In the works, I am thinking about the situation where repetition of an addiction does not transform to compulsive behavior, or it stops being addictive: what has happened in human psyche and physiology when that happens? Is the fear gone? Is the state permanent? Can it even be true? Does the addiction change target?

c/o Laura Kärki, 2017 : Evening Beers
c/o Laura Kärki, 2017 : Evening Beers

Soft Within -Art collective in Berlin

Step inside the Artist Studio! Konstrundan 2017 in Berlin!

Step inside the Artist Studio! Dear friends & colleagues & co-workers:
Today & tomorrow I open the studio doors at 11 - 17. I'm co-operation with Konstrundan: http://konstrundan.fi/en/start/ My studio address is Belziger Straße. 35., Schöneberg, Berlin.
The nearest metro is U7, get off at stop Eisenacherstrasse
and just walk 5min.
Please ring Bell: Studio/ Atelier Laura Kärki. I am waiting for you! With wearm regards,
Laura Kärki

Soft Within visited my studio: STUDIO VISIT: Laura Kärki

We had the chance to visit Laura Kärki's studio in Berlin and talk about her creative process. Her interview is now live. Head over to our website to read the piece. https://www.softwithin.org/studio-visits